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BAM for the iRobot Create
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BAM for the iRobot Create
BAM for the iRobot Create

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The Element Direct BAM (short for Bluetooth Adapter Module) enables wireless control of the iRobot® Create™ robot from a Windows, Macintosh, or Linux PC. The BAM connects to the Create’s cargo bay port - without any extra wires or cables. The BAM provides a virtual serial port connection between a Bluetooth host and Create. A PC can communicate with Create in the same way it would as if it were attached with a serial cable. The BAM gives a user complete wireless control of Create. It also exposes Create’s programmable IO, making it easy to connect additional hardware.

Bluetooth is a communications system intended to replace the cables connecting electronic devices. Unlike WiFi and other wireless systems, Bluetooth is both a low-power and a low-cost option, making it ideal for use with iRobot Create. Bluetooth operates in the unlicensed ISM band at 2.4 GHz and employs a frequency hopping radio to combat interference from other RF sources.

Example Applications:

  • Drive the Create remotely, over the Internet, with a PC-hosted Web server
  • Develop complex control algorithms that run from a powerful host computer
  • Control your Create from a Bluetooth-enabled PDA or cell phone
  • Program the Create using Microsoft Robotics Studio, RoboRealm or your own PC software.

BAM Technical Specs:

  • Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP)
  • High power Class 1 Bluetooth radio
  • Long operational range - 300ft (100m) in a typical residential home
  • A Class 1 Bluetooth Host Dongle is recommended for the PC side to attain maximum range
  • DB-25 male connector plugs into the Create’s expansion port

Package Contents:

  • Qty 1 assembled and tested BAM
No Soldering Required Not Roomba Compatible Create Expansion Port Compatible Not Command Module ePort Compatible

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 05 January, 2007.